Tuesday, June 18, 2013

just shy of the 3 month mark -

are ideas starting to come to you for your peace day project? 

i have had a bit of a shift in how i am working - it is more fiber oriented (ok, almost completely fiber oriented). 

i was thinking on dream catchers - actually, i was thinking upon the open heart and how it makes you available to positive things, but also vulnerable to the negative. which then got me thinking on dream catchers. 

dream catchers are native american in origin. designed like a spider's web with a hole in the middle, they allow positive thoughts and visions in through the center while catching the negative in the web. allowing people to do the most good and contribute to harmony in nature. the light of the sun would clear the web of any negative dreams or visions. 

so i thought what we need is a dream catcher over our hearts - preventing the negative from getting in and keeping ourselves from releasing negative energy as well. 

but the dream catcher has its purpose and and method of working... 

how about a tiny basket - a basket to hold something precious, a stone or shell, words, intentions and keep it all safe? worn near to the heart, perhaps the threads could keep the contents pure, acting as the spider web. the spaces between allowing it to drift out gently into the world or to seep into our skin and become a part of us? 

and what if they were bigger? i was speaking to a friend and the idea began to coalesce that they could hang from a tree, perhaps with a protective copper lid - and you could put things into it that you wanted to set free? the air could move through and carry the thoughts or wishes away -

i think this is the direction i am headed in this year. 

anyone else have ideas? we'd love to hear you brainstorm about them - 

in peace and metta - 

mary jane