Saturday, August 31, 2013

The day draws closer

Weirdly Fiona and I had the same idea-urge this afternoon to finish part of our Flags for Peace 2013 - most likely spurred on by MJ's reminder of 28 days to go (even less now).

We met on the Peace Bell deck with flags in hand to give them a test run and take a few photos for this blog. I think Fiona will be posting on this test run as well later on so readers will have to put up with a bit of overlap and repetition - guess that is ok in the pursuit of peace.

As you can see from the photos mine are outdoor metal ones and Fiona's is one of her indoor ones (hand made paper with imbedded peace cranes). You can see a set of Jennifer Q's flags from last year that still manage to survive and fly on the Peace Bell deck.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

28 days

woven leaf - mjd 2013

the flags for peace project grew from those whose work is infused with this intention on a daily basis. it gave us a special 'project' with a goal date - 

but it occurs every day.

i know my project for this year has changed multiple times - before january, it was going to involved colored perspex. 

then baskets.

but now i have fallen for weaving.

i am making pin woven leaves - 

and just got some custom tweaked weaving forms - a card and an arched loom. 

the wonderful jeff from explorations early learning altered the spacing for my needs. i am very thankful to him for the accommodation. 

what have you been thinking about?
do you have ideas to contribute on the international day of peace?
if you are not a contributor but would like to be, please just reach out and you will be happily added. 

thank you for your patience, i know this year the blog has not received the attention it did last year - but it's not for lack of love for the project. 

i hope that if you find some time, you will share a bit about what you might be working on. 

in metta,
mary jane