Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The beginnings

As Barry said, it's good to be reminded to get out there and get making for our 2013 peace flags!  A while back I had a bit of a paper-making frenzy and tried to incorporate some peace cranes into the paper.

I have in mind that these hand-made paper flags might become my indoor flags for the year, and I am slowly working out what to do with them and where they might hang.

I am also planning on doing heaps of weathergrams again to hang in the tree at the top of the driveway which I loved last time. I am OK with repeating something... like a mantra perhaps?

I also think if I repeat the weathergrams it might become something that is known and hoped for/expected each year in a way - as people drive and walk by, they will be reminded that it's about peace. I hope.

a timely reminder

It is always good to get a tiny reminder that the day for flying our peace flags draws closer. Thanks MJ.

As you can see from the photos below I have managed to cut, stamp each with peace words. polish and punch holes in my Peace Flags (actually metal flags 5cm wide by 20cm long).

They have, in the main, been made out of old serving trays including a Indian brass tray - a small global dimension. I have yet to add split rings and string them ready for the day.

I'm hoping that when strung and stretched between a couple of trees these flags will chime out peace on the breeze.