Saturday, November 22, 2014

on thich nhat hanh and spreading peace

zen buddhist monk - thich nhat hanh

i wanted to share the news of thich nhat hanh's serious health crisis. like so many of you, i look to him as a guide on the path to peace and have learned so very much. he suffered a serious brain hemorrhage and is currently in the hospital. you can read more about it here

we all know that death is a reality, but that our time of death is unknown. it's not some dark trick, it's just the way of things. 

thay has given so much to the world - 

i wanted to give something back. 

for months i have had in my mind the creation of pieces that would work together to form a small sacred space. 

barry smith makes exquisite traveller's shrines

barry smith 2013 

mine are based upon my stitching and weaving, metal working and study of tibetan calligraphy. 

i had the mats and stones/shells firmed up. 

but not the metal. 

not until thay fell ill. 

and then i made an offering bowl. 

my offering to him for all he has done, 

to be used by others to make their own

ripples and ripples and ripples. 

mjd - 2014

mjd - 2014

may we all work towards peace
in our thoughts 
and actions.