Monday, August 13, 2012

Hand painted peace flags for International Peace Day

First of all, thank you Mary Jane for the opportunity to post to the blog.  I loved the idea of peace flags when I first heard Mary Jane mention the project over at the Love My Art Jewelry Blog.  I did a little research about peace/prayer flags and really loved what I found out about Tibetan prayer flags.  I learned that it was traditional for them to be hung in the wind and that it was thought the wind would carry the prayers and wishes to the whole world.  I also loved that it was not only OK, but expected for them to sort of fade away due to exposure to the elements and become part of a greater cycle.  I loosely based my flags on the Tibetan concept without the more denominational aspects.  I wanted my flags to have meaning for any and everyone.  I went down to a local yardage store and got 2 yards of fabric which I then cut into rectangles.   I melted a candle and used the wax as a resist to write my wishes of peace, love, health, joy and freedom for everyone in the world.  I used Setasilk paint by Pebeo to color the flags, and affixed the flags to 1/4"bias tape with double sided fusible webbing.  They may fall apart with the first rain...and that's totally OK, because for once it is totally true that "it's the thought that counts".  Peace everyone.


  1. Lovely colours and the flags hanging below that flock of birds are just gorgeous!

  2. J- such subtle colours - soft peace/strong peace. Love that you imbued each flag with the energy of the words as you created them - no doubt this energy will be spread by the wind. Go well. B

  3. julie, again i find myself admiring each person's interpretation based upon beliefs and design choice... yours really are so very you... thank you for sharing the process here, that would be something great to try!