Thursday, March 21, 2013

here we are again -

can you believe we begin our 6 month countdown to the international day of peace

(or as it is also known, the 'culture of peace initiative')? i also like peace one day.

the way is through the heart

speaking for most of us, the days since sept. 21st of last year have held many challenges -
and challenges present opportunity.

if you are new here, welcome! i encourage you to scroll back to see the beautiful work that was hung and placed around the globe - it was incredibly moving and inspiring.

while surely our goal is to share the work we make in honor of peace, i would love to expand upon what we do here

to continue to have discussions, share insight on how you get to peace or where you get to from peace in your daily life... in your dark moments, what kept you whole? how do you share your joy? 

it's connected, as are all beings

and i am hoping we can help each other.

our current culture is demanding and quick moving - 
unnaturally so.

we seek balance

we want to live, to be awake

many think it is unattainable.

but the way is through the heart 
the way is through the heart
through the heart
the heart

the way is through the heart

like anything worth achieving, it takes practice - 

but the community is in place
the safety net is present
you need only to reach out.

anyone may participate - just send us an email and you will be added as an author - we ask only that you be respectful of the intention of the blog & kind to those who share.


  1. Hi Mary Jane- Do I have to re-up as a contributor or will being on last year's list suffice. I'm so very happy to see that this is it should. I am hoping that you continue on your path to wellness.--Julie

  2. Beautifully written..
    i hope to accomplish my goal this year...

  3. Like beginning again...but just continuing day by day, step by step, thanks for organising us again!

  4. MJ - so glad we can continue to peace ripple dance again this year. B