Saturday, August 24, 2013

28 days

woven leaf - mjd 2013

the flags for peace project grew from those whose work is infused with this intention on a daily basis. it gave us a special 'project' with a goal date - 

but it occurs every day.

i know my project for this year has changed multiple times - before january, it was going to involved colored perspex. 

then baskets.

but now i have fallen for weaving.

i am making pin woven leaves - 

and just got some custom tweaked weaving forms - a card and an arched loom. 

the wonderful jeff from explorations early learning altered the spacing for my needs. i am very thankful to him for the accommodation. 

what have you been thinking about?
do you have ideas to contribute on the international day of peace?
if you are not a contributor but would like to be, please just reach out and you will be happily added. 

thank you for your patience, i know this year the blog has not received the attention it did last year - but it's not for lack of love for the project. 

i hope that if you find some time, you will share a bit about what you might be working on. 

in metta,
mary jane


  1. Wow, I LOVE the woven leaf and the arched loom... I might need one of those!

    Getting back to the swing of school on Monday, and NOT looking forward to most of it. So, still have thoughts about Peace Day, but we will see how ambitious I get, or not.

  2. MJ - the woven leaf is such a symbol for peace - delicate, fragile at the best of times. I have begun assembling my 'flags' will post soon. Now that our visitors have gone I can begin to focus on creating the larger peace tree. Go well and weave well. B

  3. I love those weaving bits! I am working on about three options for 21 September and am slowly progressign them, inch by inch it feels. Will have something to show soon I hope!