Friday, March 21, 2014

6 months to the international day of peace


the six months between september and now have flown - filled with all kinds of life events and weather events to keep us busy. 

this is the 3rd year we announce our project here - 
and it means more each time.

in the beginning, i focused upon my project to honor the quest for world peace. 

but it quickly evolved into becoming a part of my daily routine. 

let's face it,
one cannot make work authentically in the name of peace
without doing the inside work of being in peace.

it takes diligence and practice. 

with great joy i look forward to sharing the upcoming months with you - hearing from you - being inspired by you. 

like anything worth achieving, it takes practice - 

but the community is in place
the safety net is present
you need only to reach out.

anyone may participate - just send us an email and you will be added as an author - we ask only that you be respectful of the intention of the blog & kind to those who share.

for more information we have links set up in the side bar and in that tabs at the top. 

i would like to open this up a bit - if you go back, you will see inspiring works by talented makers. all visual artists. if however, you are a poet or a songwriter - i want to include you as well. you could write your words on paper or fabric to hang in the sun and the wind. and share it with all living things. if you are a musician, maybe you could play your work outside and allow it to be carried away. 

remember, while the 21st is the official day of honoring peace, every day holds the opportunity to promote it. 


  1. I am probably a clumsy reader but I cannot find a link to an email. I'd like to join the project again, I missed out in 2013. I don't know yet what kind of artwork I will contribute and my life is anything but peaceful, so I'd like to at least have the notion of peace in mind for the coming months.

    Would you please let me know if I'm in? You can mail me at drippingbrush @ gmail . com (no spaces, obviously :) Thank you, Mary Jane!

    1. no, you are absolutely correct - i will fix that - and you are definitely able to post. i see your name in the contributor list. i am so happy to be doing this again and to have you along.

  2. I would like to do something this year
    I didn't see a link.

    1. will fix that now - creating a link with the word 'email'
      thanks, laura -

  3. I'm in again - just what not sure at the moment - a few months to think and do. Peace B

  4. Replies
    1. hi susan! would you mind sending me your email? just follow the link in the body of the post - thanks so much!

  5. This is beautiful! I have a peaceful easy feeling just reading all about this! Sending out my warm Aloha Spirit as I join you in your wonderful journey! It's all good!

  6. Peace inside your soul does take practice, you're right.
    I would love to participate. I'm not an artist but I am a good reader. I might contribute with relevant quotes and passages, what do you think? You can reach me on my blog. Writing about great authors and books has to do with peace, I'm sure!

    1. irina - i think that would be wonderful! would you mind sending me your email address through the link in the body of the post? thank you very much!

  7. Thanks for the reminder MJ - I shall start pondering just what to do again…I love having a few year's worth of peace flags hanging and flying at our place; and also special wee ones here and there...

  8. Ha sido un placer visitar tu bloc, te invito a visitar el mío, i el nuevo post sobre la limpieza ecológica y un viaje por la Primavera en Holanda.
    Espero que nos volvamos a ver y si no eres seguidora me encantaría que lo fueras, te espero en mi bloc

  9. I have sent you an email, I'd like very much to participate.