Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Flags for Peace book

Towards the end of last year, our local artists' group COMA (Collaboration of Maleny Artists) won a small grant to publish a photographic book about the Peace Flags local artists made and flew around International Day of Peace 2012.

We have recently published the book and have begun distributing it to local schools and libraries and elsewhere.

Here are some images from the book. Whilst we were focused on our local artists, we also put together a compilation of most of the international artists - but we may have missed one or two sorry.

If you would like to see a preview of the full book (38 pages) you can click here.

It is a beautiful way to share this project - for people to hold the book in their hands, read the stories and gaze at the flags...we hope it might mean more people join in this year. 


  1. All - all hail the small ripples of peace may they continue to be strong in their vision for our world; and thanks to Mary Jane for providing the leadership for this initiative. B

  2. Lovely to see the book you wrote about at Paper Ponderings, coming to fruition.

  3. Lovely book! I wish The Peace initiative was also included in here. The Peace flags are colourless and were made by an artist. They represent each nation of the world and are to be raised by embassies and individuals every Peace Day. The initiative is working to gain the United Nations' support to make this act of peace official :) :)Google PEACE

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  5. What a beautiful book about such much needed Peace. Looks like it was a wonderful collaboration. Thank you for leaving a supportive comment at my blog post on artist block.

  6. thank you, fiona, for putting this together - what a tribute to the work being done by beautifully mindful and determined people.

  7. Oh how I have missed being here so much. Glorious book.