Wednesday, May 22, 2013

words are abundant,

but are they intentional?

what i am reading 

if there is a profusion 
of anything 
these days
it must be of words -

facebook posting
you name it - 

but are they chosen well?
intended not to harm,
but to help?
to encourage?
to connect?
to bring the world peace?

words can travel across thousands of miles.
may my words create mutual understanding
and love. 
may they be as beautiful as gems,
as lovely as flowers. 
(p. 98)

we are at the four month mark before the international day of peace -
do you have any ideas about how you will leave your mark?

don't forget to visit - they have issued an interesting and powerful challenge. 


  1. MJ - thanks for the reminder - and what a great title for a book - Being Peace - bit hard to do all the time but something to keep having a go at. B

  2. Wonderful words and intentions here... love it