Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trees of Peace

This year as well as creating a flag for peace, I am hoping to facilitate the creation of two Trees of Peace. Both trees will be made from 12 guage fencing wire.

The tree below has been twisted into shape - it is about 1.5m high. It is likely that it will become the focus of a children's art activity in our local library on the 21 September. Children will create peace leaves and attach their leaves with messages on them to the tree framework thus creating the Peace Tree.

©2013 Barry Smith - Bones of the childrens' Peace Tree
I also hope to create a larger  Peace Tree out the front of our block. This one will be about 2-2.5m high. Personally I will attach quite a number of anodised aluminium peace leaves on the tree. However I'm hoping to invite other people to send me leaves that I will attach to the tree thereby creating a communal  Peace Tree. The tree will be in place for the week leading up to Peace Day - and maybe for sometime after it. We live on a tourist road so I'm hoping folks will stop and engage with the tree and its meaning.


  1. the tree looks wonderful - and i love the idea of it being used in a childrens' activity. as for the larger tree- that is a grand tribute to peace. i'd better get on the mend so i can do some metalwork! your communal projects shared in this communal blog bring me joy. seeing how deeply one can dig, not necessarily how far one can go -

    1. M - just mend as you can and the peace ripples and leaves will follow. B

  2. very nice your way of spreading the message!

  3. very nice! I love that the kids will be writing their personal message of peace on leaves to be hung on the tree. Can't wait to see it covered with leaves!

  4. L& KS - Thanks -I too am looking forward to seeing the finished product. The library hopes to keep the activity running for a full week - could be a very abundant peace tree. B