Sunday, September 21, 2014

honoring the international day of peace

natural objects of peace and connection 2014

life has a way of asserting itself when you aren't paying attention.

key words - not paying attention.

we've had happy busy and stressful busy this past year, 

you know, we've been living at a heightened level.

i usually have grand plans of how i want to honor this day.

i would think about it and say to myself 'once x,y,z is done, i can get to work'- 

but how it turned out 

has more to do with what i have learned (or relearned) this summer. 

life is in the moments, 

the gestures - small and large

the words of kindness

the thoughts that create our reality.

let go - brass leaf 2014

it's about releasing what doesn't serve us

or others,

what holds us back from reaching our potential.

with gentleness 

we can act, speak and think - 

that is how we relate to the outside world.

but if we are plagued by fear, 

do we know inner peace?

when i stand before my jizo

or the ocean

or gaze at the night sky

i feel a profound sense of calm.

when i take 3 deep breaths at different times during the day

to bring myself back to center

the serenity returns.

my goal is to increase the practices

so that my moments come closer together

and my life is lived more intentionally.

our world desperately needs those who are willing to commit 

to principles of non-harming and harmony. 

so this year, 

my attention will be given to small objects - like rocks, sticks and shells -

that can be left on curbs, 




the hope being, 

that moment of stillness

will be noted and cherished

and, in the end, shared in some way. 

create your own butterfly effect.

you all have my deepest apologies for not being more present here this year. 

just because international peace is formally recognized today

does not mean that work in the name of peace is not important

every second 

of every minute

of every day.

so please come to share whatever you can. 

there are dark forces at work in the world - 

and your light is desperately needed.

mary jane


  1. There is a growing movement of caring people who are promoting the process of leaving a bit of goodwill to be unexpectantly found. A bit of art, a note of well wishes, a cheering thought to bring a smile and now a pebble to be found and carried in a pocket as a reminder all day and everyday.

    This world can't find peace until each and every one of us finds our own peace within. Let your joy rise from within...don't hold it is contagious.

    A thought is a prayer.
    Much Love, Carol

  2. Hi MJ - I love the act of leaving small meaningful messages to be found. You have inspired me - I think leaving fragments of stamped metal to be found might just be another small way to create a growing awareness of peace. Thank you for that gift. Go well - peace. B

  3. Thanks for your words - so thoughtful and full of meaning. They help ground me and remind me. I love your offerings to peace - gifts of wonder and hope.