Friday, October 10, 2014

nobel peace prize awards made for 2014

malala yousfzai and kailash satyarthi

with the utmost gratitude i read of the honored recipients this morning.

ms. yousafzai from pakistan is the youngest recipient at age 17. she became known when she was shot by the taliban and heroically came back to take on the issue of girls education. 

mr. satyarthi from india was recognized for his work on child labor and children's rights. he has remained in the tradition of gandhi, using peaceful protests and demonstrations to make his point.

you can read more about them both here.

it should be noted that there has been fighting with deaths incurred in india and pakistan over their himalayan border - let us hope that this honor of their citizens may ease that dispute. 

peace can be quiet and peace can be active. i yearn to be able to spread it in all ways possible.

another young woman, this one a holocaust victim named etty hillesm wrote:

ultimately we have just one moral duty:
to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves,
more and more peace,
and to reflect it towards others,
and the more peace there is in us, 
the more peace there will be in our troubled world. 

in peace and love and gratitude to all who work each day to make the world a more peaceful place in any way they can. 

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  1. Hi MJ - our household was uplifted when we heard this news - may she be a bringer of peace for many many years. B