Wednesday, September 14, 2016

wednesday september 21st

here we are again, looking at the imminent arrival of the international day of peace. 

one week from now. 

i am guilty of not having been active here - and yet the world has shown us over the past year that the need for the honoring of peace is just as important as it ever was. and probably ever shall be. for it needs to be tended to - as anything else. we need to stay mindful and active, our young ones need to be guided and given solid role models. 

it is, in effect, a life's practice. 

my work this year has gotten bigger - but with the same goal in mind. for it to be used in ways that promote peace. offering bowls and wall plaques and hangings- using techniques and skills i've honed in the making of adornment - are coming off of the anvil. set with words that resound deeply within me. 

morning mantra offering bowl 2016

as there is never a bad time to share your thoughts or work - please feel free to share. i know it's going on steadily. 

as the moon sets
and the sun rises
may i begin my day

may i move through each moment
with clarity.

a heart bursting with love,
a mind propped open, 
may i shine to lessen 
the darkness
of another being's 


in peace - 
mary jane

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  1. Hi MJ - a good time for all of us to get our peace pieces out there claiming a little more time for peace. Though we imagine peace each day we can just do a little more on the 21 September. We will join you from our mountain. B