Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Peace 2017

©2017 Barry Smith - Imagine peace on International Peace Day 2017
The years seem to pass so quickly. Another year has gone by and it has been one that it has had:
far too many threats of war and aggression;
far too much intolerance; and
far too little acceptance and respect.

On the very positive side it has also been a year where many people in the blogging community have been making small efforts to connect around peace, share peace and encourage others to think about peace.

This year I was moved to make a stash of Peace Leaves and to send them out to folk across Australia and internationally.

©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith - Peace be yours
Many of those leaves are making there way into hands and hearts and are creating a number of small ripples that can counteract some of the intolerance, abuse and aggression - peace be yours and peace to those around you.


  1. and here, some arrived so unexpectedly, and have traveled on the breeze, bringing peace, elsewhere. thank you.

  2. Lindo e com um belo significado. Abraço.

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