Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 months -

tam - seed syllable of the taras
associated with compassion

so i do believe i have my central symbol selected - 

i will be carving rubber stamps so as to add color to fiber -

do you have any ideas beginning to come together for int'l peace day in september?


  1. a very beautiful symbol... can't wait to see your flags.

  2. MJ - I agree with S/R beautiful symbol and meaning. I was reminded that I need to reclaim the rainbow umbrella and start work on my string of flags. B

  3. I have been busy finishing my work for an upcoming group exhibition and my ideas for a flag are still in the initial phase. When many come up and start dancing together and I need to wait for them to calm down so I can make a decision. It will happen in time :)

    Mostly I think Peace is something that comes from within, an inner state that needs to surface and flow and embrace all. I'd like to represent that flow in a way, the warmth of it and the lack of boundaries.