Monday, June 4, 2012


Some days, when the work has a difficult time coming through while I'm working in the studio, I hook up the old laptop in the studio and stream documentaries to help organize my thoughts and inspire me. Yesterday was such a day. While watching the documentary, Tides and Rivers, I was inspired by the parallels drawn between the work of Andy Goldsworthy and the tradition of flying prayer flags.

Here is a short trailer:

The full documentary can be found on Google in a lower quality and is also available streaming on Netflix.


  1. barbara, i got goosebumps from this... i understand what you mean about the parallel - it's about setting free, working with intention, taking your small human self and becoming a part of something ever so much bigger...
    this is so funny that you posted about andy goldsworthy - i had been revisiting robert smithson's spiral jetty just yesterday and some of his work was mentioned... the use of a naturally occurring spiral flow in a pool and making it come alive with leaves was beautiful...
    thank you so much for this - it will stay with me all day - and have me searching for the full program...

  2. so very beautiful - thank you for sharing this. For me, it holds a lesson of being able to let go - something I struggle with. I am still totally blown away...

  3. Thank Barbara - weathering and you say like peace flags. The beauty of being in the world and the environment and just being part of it and then gradually fading...Gentle and peaceful.