Sunday, June 24, 2012

A start has been made...

Mary Jane and Fiona both offered the inspiration for me to also start my flags for peace (see their posts below). From a broken umbrella I was able to salvage a beautiful circle of 'rainbow' fabric.

©2012 Barry Smith - Rainbow fabric ready for salvaging
©2012 Barry Smith - Fabric rainbow
And with a bit of delicate and slightly tedious cutting I was able to tease a set of pennant flags and strings from the rainbow circle. Because it is a wet day on the mountain Fiona and I rigged the string of 'flags-to-be' across a window area which also doubles as our morning daily word and reflection corner.

©2012 Fiona Dempster - A string of peace 'flags-to-be' 
©2012 Barry Smith - A rainbow covered couch
I now intend to reinforce the flags-to-be and stamp them  with a yet undetermined peace design.


  1. Awesome! I love that your flags are recycled from an umbrella. How engenius of you.

  2. i look at this and think 'well, of course!' - it's brilliant, barry - absolutely, perfectly, you! and that sheer fabric looks so nice hanging in front of a window...

  3. I can't help but agree - absolutely brillant! Can't wait to see how they continue.

  4. They are bright and brilliant and beautiful! You'll have heaps of fun with the printing and whatever happens next.

  5. This is a great idea with great colors !
    Love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥