Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fiona's weathergrams are beginning to fly

I am making weathergrams again this year and have started hanging them in the tree at the top of our driveway.  I have plenty more to go and will be getting up on the ladder later in the week to make sure thee is a good set there for Saturday 21 September.

Barry has helped out by writing messages for peace as well.

Here they are in the making and the early hanging...

And a Hipstamatic late afternoon shot...

I also have some fabric flags I am hoping to screenprint later today - fingers crossed I get them done!

And I also remembered another random set of flags we were hoping to pull together, so the front yard should be ablaze with flags and colours on Saturday I hope, reminding people of peace and to stop for a minute at midday and be silent...


  1. i love your weathergrams - lookign forward to seeing the screenprinting!

  2. F- whilst putting peace leaves on the tree I was intrigued by the fact that walkers stopped to talk to me about the weathergrams and how they had loved seeing them last year and are glad to see them back this year. Such a simple thing that can resonate. B