Sunday, September 22, 2013

Peace Begins From Within

*I'm sorry for the delay in posting but I've been having major issues with Firefox crashing.*

I'd like to thank Mary Jane Dodd for continuing to promote peace through her Flags For Peace Project (part of the International Day of Peace).  I participated last year and I was thrilled to be a part of it this year, too.  Maire's determined, quiet, personal path toward both inner and world peace should serve as a beacon to us all.

World peace is such a large concept that seems so hugely impossible that many people are daunted by where and how to start and often end up paralyzed by the enormity of it.  If I dwelled on the particulars too much, I would probably be one of those people so, I choose to start small and work from within.  I try to do things that are fair, kind, environmentally friendly, but basically small.  Those things are what I am capable of doing on a daily basis but I'm convinced that they make a difference.

Peace Leaf Pendant by Cicada Silver
Peace Leaf Pendant

I made a piece of jewelry again this year as a simple, personal reminder for the wearer.  The leaf and peace tag are made from PMC3 while the peace symbol was forged from sterling silver wire.  I wanted to include a reminder to care for nature and a more literal peace symbol so that the message is both understated but still obvious.

Sterling Silver Peace Symbol by Cicada Silver
Sterling Silver Peace Symbol

Behind the leaf hangs a tag stamped with the word "peace" which was created by stamping the PMC3 clay with the etched brass stamp that I created when making last year's pendant.

handmade etched brass stamp
Etched Brass Stamp

My necklace isn't finished because my silver clam shell bead tips didn't arrive in time to finish the knotted bead portion.  My clasp and the chain portion will be attached when the tips arrive.  I'll post an updated photo, too.
Unfinished Necklace by Cicada Silver
 Unfinished Peace Leaf Necklace


Finished Necklace by Cicada Silver
 Chain is Attached

Back View of Completed Necklace


  1. thank you, so very much for sharing this - all work towards peace is important. this is beautiful in all of its details, both the understated and clearly stated. and i am so glad to see you using that brass plate! i love each and every component you made.
    and you couldn't be more right - every thing you do on a daily basis matters. the more individuals making an effort, the bigger the impact. i am honored that you returned this year - and i thank you for the beautiful post.

  2. L- a very thoughtful piece of peace work and lovely to see the connection to last year. I agree that being able to wear peace is a great reminder to try that bit harder in our own daily lives. Go well. B

    1. Thank you so much, Barry. I wish you much joy and peace!

  3. Very nice Susan! When I saw the picture I was thinking...self...that looks very much like Susan's work and it was! LOVE!

    1. Thanks, Kalaya! Next time that I see you, you'll be getting a leaf of your own. ;)

  4. I love the notion of keeping peace close to my heart by wearing something like this...I also like that you incorporates something from last year in a way, building a kind of tradition...

    1. Thank you, Fiona. I feel like I have to keep things small and honestly didn't even realize (at the time) that this was somewhat creating a tradition but you're right! I look forward to seeing what I can create for next year...

  5. Very beautifull, best regard from Belgium