Monday, September 2, 2013

Indoor flags outside...

As Barry mentioned in the previous post, we accidentally found ourselves together out on the bell deck hanging our flags - a totally unscripted performance!

I was testing out my indoor flags - made of hand-made paper embedded with origami peace cranes.  They seem to work and I think they will look good inside.

This is them lying around on our tiles.

And this is them hanging - photographing into the bright setting afternoon sun.

And here they are along with some of Jennifer's from last year (top), mine in the middle and Barry's metal flags along the bottom.

Jennifer's flags live out the back where we see theme very day; ours will migrate to the front of the block during September for folk to see. I hope to start hanging my weathergrams this week as well!


  1. Its a wonderful place for the flags to be displayed and to spread their messages.

  2. excellent - time really does fly, doesn't it?
    so nice to see all that collective work hanging together.