Saturday, September 21, 2013

Steph's peace flags

Steph lives nearby Barry and Fiona in Australia, and here are the flags she made this year. You can see her flag from last year here.

This is what she said about her flags this year...

Also have had fun and enjoyment with my little flag today.  My theme for this year for me is "Interdependence and balance give rise to Peace"
It is all biodegradable having painted on 600gsm paper and pegged on the web I made from string indicating the web of life -  and of course I have my little peace dove holding an olive twig (not quite a branch).



  1. What a wonderful idea. So sweet!

  2. thank you, fiona for bringing steph's work to us. this is a striking and beautiful project. the great thinkers speak of webs, interconnectedness, interbeing - and here it is. the messages of each maker, brought together, are strong and purposeful. they give us resolve and hope to keep working towards such an important goal - world peace.


  3. Good on you S - such a meaningful web of peace and kindness. B

  4. The interconnectedness of all of us and our behavior is so perfectly represented by her web. Fantastic!