Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ripples from Maleny

Peace - found in ordinary things
As Fiona indicated in her recent post a few folk in Maleny Australia (Ken, Noela, Fiona and I) have taken up the invite of Mary Jane on this blog to create ripples for peace; and of course also create flags to mark International Peace day on 21 September 2012.

At this stage we have a few things in the pipeline including:

  • inviting many more local artists to create peace flags, in whatever medium moves them, and fly them for the week of 17 September 2012 and particular the 21 September;
  • share the flag planning, thinking, 'vibing', rippling and making process on this blog if they want to join as contributors;
  • photograph the flags flying on 21 September so they might be included in some photographic peace promotion effort-medium;
  • see if we can involve children who use our local library in the creation of a peace wall installation at the library; and 
  • maybe hold a display in the library promoting peace in the week of peace week.

Peace Rainbow - between light and darkness
In our enthusiasm we thought that we might be able to involve the local quilt makers in the creation a large 3X2m peace wall quilt; alas they are fully committed this year; but are open to the idea for 2013. We also thought we could have a Peace Day in the park with various activities including the gathering of flags; making of button; and ringing of bells. Again - a plan for 2013.

This project has brought peace more into our collective consciousness and thus provides the opportunity to create some gentle peace ripples which we can only hope becomes a wave.


  1. thank you so much barry for your involvement... you have such an active and organized group in maleny - what i am enjoying so much is seeing the project spread and take on a life of its own... i have spoken to a local arts council here and we are seeing how we can involve others on a community level... looking forward to hearing from your clan!

  2. Bravo, Barry! Your tribe in Maleny seems to be creating waves already.

  3. MJ&R - great to see that the global interchange has already started - that in itself is an achievement on behalf of peace. May it grow. Go well. B

  4. I look forward to creating a flag to represent our sunny state in Arizona and joining my friends downunder!

  5. wow!! this is great B!! it would be so wonderful if you can get a group together and bring the peace mission that Maire started right to Australia! looking forward to seeing the progress of it. i'll see if i can get something done here as well!!

  6. SZQ - wonder if you could bring it down under personally for 21 September - if not we will be joined in spirit. L - I'm sure the ripples MJ started are already linking in with our ripples here. Be great if you could get something going even just in you condo complex. B