Wednesday, July 25, 2012

first set complete

my first set of flags are in the darchor style - or vertically oriented... 

and, yes, they are small!

i used my carvings of the 'om' symbol and an opening lotus blossom to etch metal... i liked the idea of an opening flower here - to me it acknowledges the difficulty we can have being vulnerable... unlike the natural growth of the lotus, we often have to work at being open... i think many of us at times stay tightly bud-like, but the only way to experience and share love and peace fully is to blossom...

there is a lapis drop at the bottom... 

this was interesting for me - while flags are traditionally on fabric, my jewelry/metalworking background clearly guided my decisions... the carvings were first intended to use on a soft material... but i had to try them with etching on copper and brass and am glad i did... 

i really want to tell everyone how pleased and grateful i am for all of the participation, the community that is very present here... by having you signed up already as authors, i get to be just as surprised by the blog posts that regularly appear as everyone else... it's a gift and i thank you! if you aren't already an author and would like to be, please just let me know...


  1. MJ - just amazing in so many ways - so much thought in these - as is the case with all your work. Beautiful way to send out peace ripples. Go well. B

  2. How wonderful that you chose metal as your flag material! The results are exquisite in every sense.

  3. Why was I surprised to see you design flags on metal? It is so natural and unconventional and you.


    Somehow thinking about you creating flags of metal eminates calm.
    xx, Carol

  4. wow!! amazingly beautiful!! i am just ... lost for words.