Thursday, July 12, 2012

supplies in, making a start

for my flags, i knew i wanted to be able to create rubber stamps with symbols of my choosing... it's something i had never done before - so with the arrival of the supplies this morning, i decided to give it a try... 

i wanted my first one to be of a lotus - i found this image in robert beer's book 'the encyclopedia of tibetan symbols and motifs' - and used an eraser (instead of the good carving sheets i had ordered)... 

while i was carving, my daughter came home from a photography workshop she had been working 

and handed me this -

a lotus petal!

she had no idea that i was working on this today (then again, neither did i until an hour earlier)

this stamp is under an 1" square... my stamps for the flags will be at least 3" x 4", maybe 4" x 6" ... i like its rough woodcut effect... 

it was a nice affirmation of what i was doing and the start that had been made... 


  1. Wow; that's a beautiful coincidence...or *was* it a coincidence? I think you got a sign.

  2. Love your stamp - it does have a woodcut effect. And the lotus was a natural choice for you... and the universe is talking to you...

  3. What a coincidence! Or serendipity, perhaps? I agree with Stregata, the universe is talking to you and you were listening.

  4. MJ- great find by E; and a perfect gift for you. Hmmm!!! now I will have to think about whether or how I will embellish my flags. I think the rubber may be a little crumbly - but resulted in a k=lovely textured image. Go well. B

  5. A beautiful start - with lovely moments and magic.

  6. What a perfect image to use. I love the fragmented texture of the edges and the arrival of a lotus petal just gives it the stamp of approval (terrible pun, sorry.)

  7. Stamping is a great idea, it gives you such freedom to create forms and motifs! I wonder what tints you will use to stamp with. Only now can I focus on my own Flag work and I will soon post an entry about our Group's participation to the project. xx

  8. What beautiful synchronicity! I love your prints :)