Thursday, July 26, 2012

Peace is everywhere

Whilst I say peace is everywhere it is truer to say that once one is conscious of symbols of peace one begins to see them more.

On our recent few days away I saw and captured the images below.

©2012 Barry Smith - A conscious message scratched on a mossy wall to hold back the sea
©2012 Barry Smith - Part of a poem on a pathway in a public park
©2012 Barry Smith - A very peace-filled carry bag?
©2012 Barry Smith - Peace bag in the window display
Just having these symbols about, including colourful and joyful retro bags, encourages one to reflect on the possibility of peace - at least subliminally.


  1. How wonderful! Wish I'd thought to look for signs of peace during our London trip. I'll just have to see if CT has peace anywhere. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. These symbols were so much easier to come across some time ago... They were almost everywhere. Has Peace gone out of fashion? I'll start looking for them too.

  3. I guess we are surrounded by messages and signs - we just need to be aware of them... How wonderful that you were aware of these while on your getaway and that you found some peace...

  4. Those are beautiful symbols of peace.

  5. I'm always attracted to peace signs and those that promote peace and happy that Suzie's art has brought me to this site. I'm in.