Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peace and The Art of Love and Forgiveness

I came across this project the other day, and I felt like it had a connection to the Flags for Peace Project. The Art of Love and Forgiveness is the title of a 10-day art exhibition that's part of International Forgiveness Week and The Weekend Of Perfect Peace in Wisconsin.

I liked how they connected the concept of peace with a direct action such as forgiveness. This has given me something to ponder as I'm still coming up with my design and message for my prayer flags. Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of oneself has a profound impact on the people who surround us. What other actions or non-actions create peace in our lives?


  1. kindness -
    beth, this is such a beautiful project and i thank you for sharing it here... i really love how this blog has become a place for a larger dialogue... while the making of the flags is a physical and concrete goal, certainly there are other bigger ones at work here...
    forgiveness certainly is a large piece of the puzzle... and i once read that forgiving others is not necessarily for that person, but for yourself... a release of those negative feelings that can stunt us...

    1. Thanks Mary Jane! It's something I've been working on during my meditation practice ;)

  2. acceptance - of ourselves, of others... accepting ourselves as who and what we are...
    Thank you, Beth, for giving me something to ponder today.

  3. I've read the same thing Mary Jane has...that when we forgive someone, it's as much for us as for the other person....such a nice project you found.