Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Back in March of this year, Mary Jane Dodd gave this six month notice on her blog.  She was giving everyone the  opportunity to celebrate international peace day on September 21st. I loved the idea of sharing peace flags, but knew I probably wouldn't have time to participate. And as I told her then, I would be with her project in spirit because as my family can attest, I've always had World Peace at the top of my Christmas list.  Little did I know that a couple of days ago, while rummaging around in my studio...I would find a print from a lino block that I made several years ago.  When I saw it, I instantly
thought about the flags for peace project...and Mary Jane asked me to share it here.

The print is 5.5 x 11 inches and I carved it from the back of a piece of linoleum.  
It was created at a time when I was doing linoleum prints for shirts. I'm sad to say I no longer have the print block, but I'm hoping to use photoshop to reverse the print image and 
use iron on transfer paper to create peace flags of several colors.  
Isn't it nice when these things happen?

And it occurred to me that my vanity plate
is spreading a thought that is a building block for peace.
I took this shot right after I got it....I didn't realize I'd had
it for four years until I saw this photo. I hope it has
a positive impact where needed.

I leave you with this thought.

"The place to improve the world is first in
one's own heart and head and hands, and
then work outward from there."
—Robert M. Pirsig


  1. Beautiful print! Thanks for sharing...and great plate!

  2. The lino print is really gorgeous. It will make great flags.

  3. The print is fantastic - it will be perfect!!

  4. what a wonderful discovery for you - hoping you can use it as you are hoping... the print is wonderful!
    love your plate -
    and thank you for sharing the quote...

  5. What a cool way to use your car to spread peace! I'm so inspired. Also, that print is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished flags :)

  6. L-as others have said what a good rediscovery and am looking forward to the printed flags. B

  7. Thanks for your very kind comments...and thanks to Mary Jane for her vision.