Friday, September 21, 2012

A Humble Prayer

The humblest prayer comes from the heart
It starts deep inside and rises up
Sent in the breeze to meet other prayers

More humble prayers meet and unite
Each new prayer gives power and energy

If each person on earth had the same prayer thought
at the same exact moment.......

The flag is denim to endure
Honor all life
Love yourself and others
Have compassion for every living person and thing
Be tolerant

We all join here to unite and share our prayer.


  1. Carol, I love the words that keep peace company here - so true each and every one of them. If we could all share the prayer for peace it would be so powerful. Go well.

  2. indeed, we do -
    thank you so very much, carol, for sharing your work here... with every stitch there was a beautiful intention sent out -
    i am so happy you joined in...

  3. Carol - as others have said - with each stitch you seem to have sent a positive vibe out. B