Saturday, September 22, 2012

so is it over?




we know that the work towards peace in ourselves, our communities and our world is a 24/7/365 job... 

a practice, like any other... 

practices require awareness -

consider this blog a place to share your practice, to hone your awareness, to help others become conscious of it - whether it be thoughts you have, a story from your day, an image, some work you are doing... 

we are strengthened by community - and as one has begun here, let us continue to participate in it and share it... 

one thought

one word

one action at a time

brings us ever closer... 

thank you so much to all who came to this blog in any capacity - 

and to the makers, who made my heart swell with their work.

mary jane


  1. Mary Jane, it's been an honor to participate in your project. Anything that makes us stop and ponder peace and how it effects us/how we may effect it is always good. That being a part of this project has brought a group of artists together and formed a new community is just icing on the cake. Thank you for putting your idea out there in cyberspace and allowing others to participate.

  2. I agree with everything Jennifer has said. It has been an honour and an inspiration to become a part of this project. When I think of all those Peace flags flying in so many different countries, I really feel a stronger connection not only to the artists who created them but also to humanity as a whole. It's as if we were all signalling to each other across countries and continents. Thank you for this blog and your dedication to this project.

  3. Thanks Mary Jane-
    It was so inspiring to see how the concept of Peace could inspire so many. The artworks are all so amazing and beautiful. I am happy to now be a part of this community and what it stands for. Thank you for putting this all together...and following through on this important project.

  4. Thank you, Mary Jane, for bringing us together--united in a common goal. :)

  5. Thank you so much Mary-Jane to putting all together,and assemble a new community.


  6. MJ- not over - the ripples go on. Thanks. B

  7. The project made me more aware of participation in our community on Peace Day. There was a lot in our paper of projects the schools and churches planned. Wonderful ways to bring awareness to our youth who seem so immune to violence.

    Keep calm and pray.
    xx, Carol

  8. As Barry commented, the ripples go on. My flags are still flying and they will remain there flapping in the breeze until they fall off. Each time they catch my eye I stop and think, peace. It has been an amazing project and I know these thoughts of peace are seeds that will grow.

  9. Merci beaucoup mary jane for bringing us all together. You have definitely made a ripple. ♥

  10. Yes MJ - we go on, our thoughts and care for peace go on, and we thank you for your guidance and care in developing and leading this project. Go well.