Friday, September 21, 2012

More Maleny ripples...

We have managed to track down a few more flags as the day has gone by so here are a few more sets from over our way.

First tho I'd like to start with the window display in our favourite book shop in town - Rosetta Books.  When we asked a few months back, Ann agreed straightaway to do a window display around a peace theme and I think it will be on show for a week.  What fabulous support, and thanks to Noela for the photograph, and for tracking down all the other images here as well (I am just the post-er person).

Here are Christine's peace flags - bright and beautiful...

Christine created these peace flags with school children whilst doing a weed printing project. They are a stunning welcome and reminder on the school fence.

Audrey also managed to make a great flag, despite only just having returned from a big trip. Audrey works with reclaimed feathers - and you can imagine the amazing stash she must have for this rainbow and peace dove flag...

And Steph over in Montville made an elegant and gentle dove peace flag...
which her dog thought was gorgeous!


  1. wonderful all!
    and how touching to see the ones at the school -

  2. Thanks for sharing all these flags...what an amazing variety! I think it's so great that your friend Christine got her students involved in the project. I would also love to see Audrey's stash!

  3. F-thanks for gathering and sharing the Maleny effort - looks like the dogs have it - Steph and Robyn's dogs seem to know it is important. B