Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The concept of Peace is never as simple as it sounds. For before any sort of communion or peace is achieved, most of the time sacrifices of some sort would have already been made. In Honor Of was created to remind us of such sacrifices, and to remember those who have fallen so that others/we may live in Peace.

When I first began making this piece, I knew I wanted a sort of shrine so that I may immortalize “Peace”. I proceeded to search for an old Treaty of Peace on the net and found one which dated back to 1783. Then somehow I had to find a way to highlight the word ‘Peace’ on the treaty. I chose to frame it through an old key mounted on a clay tablet. The heart symbol has always called out to me, but in this case, it screamed to be included.  

The elements came together quite naturally and the piece was finally completed. But what I did not expect was the overwhelming poignancy that hit me when I looked at it as a completed piece. What begin as a shrine to immortalize “Peace”, suddenly looks to me, more and more like a memorial. Even the shape of the key reminded me of a cross. 

On a lighter note, it never fails to amaze me how the artwork can take a life of its own in the midst of the process, turning the artist into a mere doer of its fancy.  

When In Honor of was created to remember those who have made that sacrifice so that others may live in peace, Declaration of Peace was a natural extension of the aftermath of this sacrifice.

The repurpose copper fashioned into a time capsule holding a rusted pen nib symbolizes “written peace” (like in Peace Treaties). A pair of wing findings, old gears and a heart make the other part of the piece. They represent an environment that I frequently associate with Peace … Freedom. 

I realize that these aren't "flags" technically, but I am hoping perhaps when one day someone picks them up and "fly" them close to their hearts, might these pieces then not be symbolically, "flags" ? and thus become wearable symbols of Peace.


  1. A thought provoking post. Flag, or work of matter. They all have the same effect.

  2. 'In Honor Of' does look like a memorial, a tiny but intense tribute to Peace and those who have sacrificed their lives to it. It's a very original interpretation of a 'flag' and a truly meaningful one. Beautiful work!

  3. Beautiful Luthien! Peace in any shape or form is what we all strive for.

  4. L-beauitiful piece - the message offers powerful ripples - flag enough. B