Friday, September 21, 2012


 People from all over the world are taking part in the flags for peace project to create awareness .... 

  .... even if it's just to fly flags in one's own garden.

I decided to create flags out of Shweshwe cloth since Shweshwe has a long history in South Africa. Apparently it dates as far back as early Arab and Phoenician trade along the eastern seaboard.

The flags have already caused a gentle stir in my neighbourhood. When I put them up in the tree my neighbour's laundry lady told all the neighbours within shouting distance to look at my flags. I don't think they knew it was International Peace Day so it has given them food for thought.

Diggety Dog did his best to help hang the peace flags.

Thank you Mary-Jane for bringing us all together for this project.


  1. i love these, robyn -
    from the tradition in the material to the sincerity with which you hang them...
    how you have added to your neighborhood, educating and inspiring others -
    thank you -

  2. these are wonderfully earthy and so natural! love them! i'm sure the neighbours love them too :)

  3. I love how this became a communal experience (with even your dog taking part). Also love the use of the traditional cloth.

  4. R-I think that DD is almost standing proud in regard to the flags. I love how we connect so many messages, history and sentiments to our efforts. Love them. B

  5. I love how sympathetic the fabric is to its place - and I love how just the simple act of hanging flags creates a buzz - people talk, they wonder, they ask, we share...thanks Robyn!