Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weather-gram peace flags

I have gone around the block a few times with my ideas for outdoor peace flags and ended up with a simple, yet honest approach.

I have chosen to do weather-grams, a flag approach with a calligraphic history. Weather-grams were created by Lloyd Reynolds, a calligrapher in Portland, OR in the 1920s. They are usually a small quote or verse written on brown paper and hung in trees to weather.

I searched out lots of peace quotes, but in the end decided I would simply 'verb' peace. I came up with heaps of verbs to be used and repeated, so I have Imagine peace. Be peace. Create peace, and so on...

I have hung the first batch in a tree at the top of our driveway and they are certainly getting blown about in the strong breezes we have had the past few days. Still, they are hanging in there and their message remains peace.

 I took a very short video of them the other afternoon...


  1. They do communicate a feeling of peace and serenity, hanging out there in the open with such a beautiful view ahead. I hope you'll post some shots here or in your blog, I'd love to see them up close :)

  2. Your video is really beautiful...just the sound of the wind and your literally moving message of peace. I too would love to see an "up close" view of your calligraphy on the weather-grams(you do such lovely calligraphy!).

  3. Such an amazing concept and as the weather grams get "taken" by nature, your "peace messages" will be transported into universe loud and clear ...

  4. thank you so very much fiona-
    this project with its unified goal has really allowed for an expansion of ideas on what a peace/prayer flag can be... humbling and wonderful what can be born from a thoughtful mind...

  5. Awesome. I usually don't watch a lot of video because...well...just because. But I'm glad you mentioned that it was short because it was also lovely to see.