Friday, September 21, 2012


So my second batch of flags are no longer waiting.
They are now outside, peacefully flying free
and keeping this sweet, little guy company.

"The most valuable possession you can own 
is an open heart. 
The most powerful weapon you can be 
is an instrument of peace." 
~Carlos Santana

Much love and peace to you all.


  1. izzy, i love these! i wish i could see a close up of each and every one of them... the care you took in choosing the images and words is evident... all of those stitches done by hand... they are very very special -

  2. I-what gorgeous flags; and what a brilliant place to fly them. Peace. B

  3. Izzy, I too wish I could have a closer look...very beautiful.

  4. Oh my, these are just so beautiful Izzy - so many peaceful sentiments and imagery; tehy hang together so well with all the little additions here and there. Would love to see them first-hand. Go well.