Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Artists books for peace

In conjunction with flying Flags for Peace around our town and at our homes, a few of us have put together a small display of artists' books based around peace, which is being hosted by our wonderful local Library here in Maleny.

We took some less than wonderful shots the other day, but we did want to share them here (even tho I have posted most of this over at my own blog as well.)

This is Noela's book, and here are her words:

Peace book

My book represents the notion that life has become so complex with dark layers of ‘stuff’ forever present.

The high tide mark in the ink indicates that enough is enough. It’s time to look beyond the distractions, however enticing, and to rise above the craziness to a peaceful, quiet, empty space where we can be replenished and renewed.

The mountains on the front cover are a serendipitous addition that appeared as the ink was settling – a wonderful metaphor for me because I truly need mountains in my life to achieve a peaceful state of mind.

Next is my book and my words...

Languages of Peace

This book is filled with love and hopes for peace.  I have written the word for peace in 25 languages, and embossed peace doves on every page. 

I chose a language for each letter of the alphabet (although I found no language that starts with the letter “O”) and wrote the word for peace in that language using my own heartbeat script.  I have chosen the softest and clearest of blues and white to suggest peace.

It is wonderful to discover that so many languages have words for peace, that the notion and idea of peace transcends cultures, and that peace is an aspiration shared by people across the globe.

This book reminds me that we all know of peace, and that many of us seek it. 

Continuing on, here is Barry's book and his words...

Sacred Peace Texts

This artist book aims to make links between the hope and prayers for peace on the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2012 and the peace and stillness of ancient temples – places of peace. The book is in the form of a sacred temple scroll.

The book has four metal pages each stamped with a different hopes or prayers:


The words are adaptations from public peace quotes.

In the main Sacred Peace Texts is made from recycled and found materials. The main body of the scroll was a small brass pump; the decorative ends came from old brass lights; and the pages are brass off cuts.  

And finally we come to Ken's two pieces and his words..

He opened a box…
Peace begins with a smile

These sculptures use a combination of recycled timber, rusted metal and hand-made paper. All materials have had a previous life, have been discarded, rescued and then re-worked on a theme to create a piece of recycled history.

Inspiration for He opened a box … comes from the complexity and the drabness of war and Peace begins with a smile …( words of Mother Teresa ) … reflect the joy and happiness of peace.

My sculptures reflect an on-going fascination with life, death and rebirth and an interest in the traces of past existences. Starting with a pile of un-related materials and slowly working them into an artwork that can be read like a book. The idea of evolution frequently runs through my work as I explore the craft of assemblage.


  1. A wonderful collection of Peace Books, sensitive and masterful. Isn't there something peaceful in the very fact of holding a book? I was looking forward to Maleny Library's entry, thanks for posting, Fiona.

  2. All are just so beautiful, truly! The creativity and all the individual interpretations of Peace are just so awe inspiring.

  3. I'm speechless!
    These works of art are so beautiful and unique.

  4. what an incredibly talented group of people... it moves me to know that so many feel so passionately about peace - we must never give up sharing our thoughts, our creations and our goals towards that end...

  5. Thanks all for your kind words - its lovely to have so many ripples of peace out there isn't it? I also think it's lovely to see such various interpretations to reflect it. Go well.

  6. Thanks for this opportunity, Fiona - it's a privilege to share the message of peace, especially in these troubled times.

  7. wow!!! i am in awe! this is a beautiful tribute to peace. the thoughts behind each work of art has so much depth and compassion. you can feel the energy of the artist emanating from their words and their art pieces. the creations ... my goodness ... masterclass is the only word that befits these stunning pieces. WOW!!