Monday, September 17, 2012


So I hung these about a month and a half ago.  
I simply could not wait.

I love opening the curtains each
morning to be greeted by
their bright colors.

Although my cat, Sammie, prefers
I keep the curtains shut.

These cute flags,
that currently adorn my treadmill,
will be the ones I hang on the 21st.
It's fun to watch them 
blow around with the fan
waiting for the day when they 
can play outside in the real wind,
carrying all my wishes
for this sweet planet.

Thank you, Mary Jane, for
allowing me to participate
here with such a lovely
group of like minds.

I will leave you all with 
this amazing rendition
of Sam Cooke's, A Change is Gonna Come,
performed by the talented 
folks over at Playing for Change.


  1. thank you, izzy, and everyone else who allowed an idea to become something that was real... i love your flags -

  2. I love love love these Izzy - the layering and the messages and the colours. I really like how they have worn a bit in the outside time, and the newbies look fresh and happy and hopeful!

  3. What a wonderfully creative way you found to make your peace flags. I love them! They must be glorious moving in the wind.

  4. I-love the simple and now tatty nature of these flags - looks like they have been fluttering peace for a long time. B

  5. Textures, colors, them!

  6. oh ... love the natural organic tattered peace flags :) love the colors of the flags too and how they're fluttering in the wind ...

  7. Gorgeous peace flags! This is a wonderful project, I'm so glad I found this blog. :)