Friday, September 21, 2012

Barry and Fiona's Peace Flags

My flags (weather-grams) have been growing on the tree for a few weeks now and each day there are more and more.

Nonetheless I wanted to record what they looked like flying on International Day of Peace itself, so here are the images from this morning.

Of course, a really big storm hit this afternoon, so I thought I should take some 'after' shots as well...

Barry's flags have worked out brilliantly. He took an old rainbow umbrella and re-worked it into a stream of flags.  They handled the downpour and wind really well and are still flying happily.

I had also made an indoor set, but thought they were bright and breezy and could maybe hang outside this morning, so we did.

After hearing thunder grumbling and watching the sky darken, we took them inside this afternoon and here is how they now look - another 'after the storm' shot!

I think it's interesting that our peace flags have generally survived the storm. Some have fallen, but most remain on the tree. Barry's are really resilient and my other ones just needed a little hand to keep going strong.

A nice little way to think about peace on this day...

Go well and with peace.


  1. Thanks Mo Crow and Jennifer - it's lovely to have peace being shared around the world in so many beautiful ways.

  2. Each view of each flag sends a prayer into the air.
    I love the flags flying in the tree. I'm going to put flags on my favorite tree to enjoy the color through the winter..each view is a prayer...

  3. a home filled with love and peace - can one ask for anything else?
    well, maybe a great studio - oh, you have that too! :0)
    i do so love what you did with the ones in the tree -

  4. I love your bag-tree, I wish we had this species in Spain :) All those flags together make a wonderful display of optimism and peace.

  5. wow! AMAZING!! the ones on the tree look like they are the fruits of the tree!

  6. Fiona- I've so enjoyed watching the process of the weather-grams here and on your blog. Luthien see fruits..I was thinking birds.

    And when I saw what Barry did with the simple yet so inspired!

  7. Thanks everybody for your kind words - it has been a beautiful project to be involved with, and we love our 'peace tree' - maybe we can gather some seeds and share it around so we can all grow one?? : )

  8. Just lovely! I particularly enjoyed the photos of the one's in the tree and how they are transforming.

  9. Thank you Beth - they tell a gentle story of transformation; I love seeing them each day and watching their changes.