Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maleny ripples of peace

On this side of the world we get to start the ball rolling on  International Day of Peace itself, so here are the first images from Maleny, Queensland, Australia.

Our friend Ken put out the call for local artists to get involved in the Flags for Peace project and we have had some beautiful flags created as result.  We are hoping to get good photographs of them all and then create a book of images to remind us of peace and to share peace around a bit more.

Here are some of the Maleny flags, flying proudly today on International Day of Peace...

Mieke van Sambeeck's ceramic flags hanging on bamboo rod against some corrugated iron.

Noela Mill's peace banners draped off her verandah. These flags can be seen from the road and as people drive by they are beautifully noticeable. She has written peace in English, Japanese, Tibetan and Arabic.

Kim Schoenberger's rusty rural peace flags.  Kim has had the letters cut by water-jet through the rusted metal.

The guy who cut Kim's metal, Steve Powell, also made some flags - his are cut from experimenting with water jet cutting different fired clay bodies.

Ken Munsie's earth bound flags are bright and beautiful and uplifting.

Hopefully there will be more to come through the day...



  1. inspiring and beautiful...
    they are all so different and meaningful... i love what everyone has done here -

  2. wow!! this is so heartfelt and beautiful! i am so in awe of the artists in Maleny, their messages and art on Peace. if the world was filled with them ... it would be a beautiful world! the universe MUST hear you!

  3. Wow! The peace coming from Maleny can be felt over here in Connecticut. I'm in awe of each of the artists. Such beautiful work. So inspiring.

  4. Thanks MJ, Luthien and Jennifer. We are lucky to have so many caring artistic folk around us in a small town - maybe 4000 people all up. I think this means that you should all come visit us some time; imagine the fun and joy we could share!

  5. Beautiful! I wish I had been able to participate... maybe in some small way today. Thanks for all the inspiration and Peace to you!

  6. I second Jennifer's WOW!
    What an amazing group of artists!

  7. So much creativity, so much thought and so much peace here. B

  8. It is a wonderful concept and a delight to be involved in - we are blessed to have thoughtful folk in the world!

  9. Thanks Valerianna - I hope you got the chance to think, feel or be peace...maybe every day.
    Julie- They are a great group for sure...
    B - so true; lots of positive energy and connection.
    Kim - there is so much hope in all of these flags, in all of the conversations and in all of the thinking, making and doing..